A unique partnership between North Carolina’s top public universities, Pathway to Practice NC is the state’s most flexible teacher licensure program.
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Pathway to Practice NC is residency license teachers’ most flexible path to licensure in North Carolina.

In a unique collaboration between the NC State College of Education and the UNC School of Education, Pathway to Practice draws upon the expertise of leading scholars and highly effective educators at North Carolina’s leading public Educator Preparation Programs to deliver the highest quality online, competency-based education (CBE) to residency license teachers.

Since 2017, Pathway to Practice has enabled more than 400 residency license teachers — working full-time in more than 80 of the state’s 115 school districts — to work toward licensure at a pace that works for them.



Pathway to Practice NC is 100% online and self-paced.

Using the popular Brightspace learning management system, license candidates complete learning modules in a clear, organized, and intuitive learning environment. Within Brightspace, they have access to support and tutorials to assist them with learning how to use the platform.

Since candidates have access to all modules upon tuition payment, they can complete the program at a pace that works best for them. All candidates are assigned a facilitator, who is a doctoral student at either NC State or UNC-Chapel Hill, who will assist students in pacing and answer questions about the modules.

Application and Admissions

Pathway to Practice NC accepts applications on a rolling basis. Prospective candidates may apply any time and are accepted into the next available monthly cohort.

To apply, prospective candidates must upload electronic copies of official transcripts and licensure exam scores (if needed). Please contact pathway2practice@ncsu.edu with additional questions about the application process.


Pathway to Practice NC uses a subscription model. Once enrolled, license candidates pay $1,250 every three months and gain access to all Pathway to Practice NC modules. Candidates continue to renew until they have completed all required modules. On average, completion of all Pathway to Practice NC modules takes about 12 months — resulting in an average total cost of $5,000.

Pathway to Practice NC does not provide financial aid at this time, but prospective candidates should check with their district to inquire about any reimbursement options.


To date, more than 200 candidates have completed Pathway to Practice NC.


Number of candidates who have enrolled in Pathway to Practice NC modules



Number of North Carolina districts whose Residency License teachers have enrolled in Pathway to Practice NC



Percentage of Pathway to Practice NC completers who have passed edTPA


Pathway to Practice NC candidates are from more than 80 of North Carolina’s 115 school districts.

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Pathway to Practice NC is an online teacher licensure program offered by the NC State College of Education and UNC School of Education.